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Security Firm drives into averting Human-Wildlife Conflicts in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

A Sub-Utility, all-terrain compact Vehicle has been donated to Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority by one of the leading security firms in Tanzania to support wildlife patrolling exercises and species monitoring initiatives.

The vehicle, which is a three-door Suzuki Jimny was handed to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) by GardaWorld Tanzania, a Private Security Company, which also happens to be among the partner institutions working with the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI).

Senior Conservation Officer, Donatus Gidaye who received the car on behalf of the NCAA Commissioner of Conservation explained that the Suzuki vehicle will reinforce patrolling exercise around the protected areas and ensure rapid response, whenever or wherever the situation calls for it.

Vroom! Ngorongoro Conservator Don Gidaye tries the Suzuki Jimny from GardaWorld Tanzania (Photo by Omega Mlay)

“Being an All-Terrain vehicle which can carry four persons at a time, the Suzuki will be able to take rangers anywhere in the conservation area to respond to any rising crisis, especially where people get pitted against ferocious animals during the usual episodes relating to Human Wildlife Conflict,” stated the Ngorongoro SCO Gidaye.

The conservator added that the car will also come in handy during tracking special wildlife species such as elephants that sometimes move outside the conservation area into nearby villages and rescue the situation before it goes out of control.

On his part, the General Manager of GardaWorld Tanzania, Don MacBride said the firm has a long track record in supporting conservation efforts and reducing Human-Wildlife Conflicts through the provision of modern and technological interventions.

On the other hand, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, measuring over 8292 square kilometers happens to be East Africa’s one and only multiple land use protected area which is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In addition to abundant wildlife species and archaeological sites, Ngorongoro established in 1959 is the only place in the world that features Maasai pastoralists leaving in harmony with wildlife.

Officially a cradle of mankind, Ngorongoro is also home to various human evolution sites, over 500 bird species and thick forested land among others.

The Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) is an African response to the elephant conservation crisis.

Essentially, the Elephant Protection Initiative is billed as the continental platform, which amplifies local perspectives on elephant conservation, human-elephant conflict and biodiversity protection.

This Pan-African Natural Resources alliance is led by the Heads of State and Ministers from its 24 member countries, which are supported by National Focal Points working with the EPI Secretariat.

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