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New Sugar Factory starts operations in Dodoma, October 2023

A new sugar factory will soon start operations in Dodoma and already nearly 30 sugarcane farmers have entered into an initial contract to supply the plant with raw materials.

More than 26 local farmers in Dodoma region have inked a pact with the proposed sugar industry to supply sugarcane grown from a total of 463 hectares of their combined farms.

The Dabalo Sugar entity operating under the Purandare Industries Tanzania Limited, will be churning out domestic and industrial sweeteners under the ‘Sukari Halisi,’ trademark right from Dodoma.

Starting operations in October 2023, Dabalo plant is going to be the first sugar producing factory in the Central Zone of Tanzania established at the cost of USD 3.5 million.

The industry requires a raw materials input of at least 25,000 tons of sugarcane to enable the mills to churn out around 2500 tons of sugar in its maiden year of production.

The Purandare Industries Managing Director, Satish Purandare, reveals here that the ongoing construction of the factory at the Dabalo ward, in Chamwino district of Dodoma region is in its final stages.

“We envisage rolling out at least 2,500tons of sugar, during the first twelve months of operation,” Satish Pundarare states.

The Director adds that the factory will double its output to over 5000 tons in the second year and so on and so forth.

After the construction of the main industrial structure, machinery and related equipment that have already arrived in the country will be installed by qualified experts ready for the factory to open shop.

“If all goes well official production is expected to commence by October 2023, and we’re looking forward to producing quality sugar and marketing it at reasonable prices to allow even the ordinary Tanzanians to afford it,” Purandare maintains.

The new state-of-the-art Sugar Factory will provide direct employment to more than 600 local Tanzanians with priority given to Dodoma residents.

But, the factory management is also assisting local farmers to secure loans from financial institutions such as the NMB Bank, in order to manage their plantations professionally.

The factory will be purchasing the produced sugarcane from the growers at profitable prices.

Purandare has also enabled the farmers involved in the project to acquire special training from agro sugarcane experts from Asia, precisely Indian on how to grow quality canes suitable for sugar production.

Farmers in Dodoma have started to grow the NCO 365 sugarcane variety which is recommended by the Sugar Board of Tanzania (SBT).

The factory’s main market outlet will be the Dodoma Region and surrounding precincts before expanding into other regions and eventually also investing in export trade.

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