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Want to Live Longer? Move to Either Rwanda Or Tanzania. Stay away from South-Sudan

Which country has highest life expectancy in East Africa?

You want to live long while in the region? Then try Rwanda and somehow also, Tanzania.

Stay away from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo where people are dying young.

According to the latest data from Statista, in 2022, Rwanda has the highest average life expectancy age in the East African Community Region, currently standing at 67.13 years.

Tanzania is second in East Africa with an average life expectancy of 66.78 years.

However, both Rwanda and Tanzania are still nowhere near the top-ten African countries with highest life expectancy billing.

In fact, Rwanda ranks at Number 12 in Africa, while Tanzania is slotted slightly below at Position 13 on the continent.

People in Algeria seem to live the longest on the continent, reaching a mean age of 77 years.

It is also not breaking news for Morocco to take the second position in Africa.

Here are the African Countries with better life expectancy ages in 2022 as listed from Number One to Ten by Statista

  • 01 Algeria 77.13 years
  • 02 Morocco 74.97 years
  • 03 Cabo Verde 74.72 years
  • 04 Tunisia 74.26 years
  • 05 Mauritius 73.98 years
  • 06 Libya 72.15 years
  • 07 Seychelles 71.74 years
  • 08 Egypt 70.16 years
  • 09 Sao Tome and Principe 68.79 years
  • 10 Senegal 67.91 years

So, where are the other five East African Countries?

Uganda has a life expectancy of 63.64 years ranking at Number 23 on the continent.

Kenya, with an average life expectancy of 62.05 years is at Number 29 in Africa.

Burundi follows at Number 30 on the continent, featuring a life expectancy of 61.98 years.

Weather doesn’t count. The Democratic Republic of Congo has an average life expectancy of 59.74, ranking down to number 42 in Africa.

South Sudan is no country for old men, there people end their life journeys at an average age of 57 years.

Good economy sometimes doesn’t translate into longer living. South Africa for instance, has an average lifespan of 61.48 years only. South Africa ranks at Number 31 on the continent.

The populous and noisier Nigeria has its people signing off at an average age of 53,63 years. Nigeria is at Number 53 in Africa.

Chad is at the tail. The country’s average lifespan is a measly 53 years, tagging last on the continent.

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