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Austria supports Dodoma women groups to achieve beneficial organic farming practices

The Austrian Development Agency is bankrolling the ‘Dodoma’s Women in Agriculture and Business Initiatives,’ a project which pushes for environment friendly ecological farming in three districts of Dodoma Region.

Dodoma Women in Agriculture and Business Initiative (DWABI), is a two-year project being implemented in three Districts of Chamwino, Mpwapwa and Dodoma under the Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) Organization.

The initiative which was launched in 2022 targets small-scale farmers, especially those involved in model cooperatives organizations that get empowered to add commercial and environmental value to their agricultural endeavours.

Through the arrangement, more than 1,950 farmers who are members of 61 communal groups, have been trained on among other things, organic agriculture practices, agroforestry, soil management, water conservation and related technologies that help to address negative effects of climate change.

Project’s Facilitator, Rose Ndunguru says there is the need to ensure that local farmers get fully initiated into environment responsible organic agriculture technologies.

Deployment of organic fertilizers such as compost manure, green manure, and placing emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation are among the skills being imparted to the local growers in Dodoma.

“It is for good reason that the project runs under the theme of organic agriculture for better consumer’s health and sustainable Environment with no one left behind,” explained Rose Ndunguru.

Many farmers in the area, including Anna Kayoya, from Mpwapwa District admit that the newly acquired knowledge has helped them improve their growing skills and yields.

They stated that in addition to farming and entrepreneurial skills, the project has been empowering farmers to qualify for monetary loans from financial institutions to boost their capital.

“We are now in a better position to secure markets for our farm produce because the products are organic and many people nowadays go for healthy eating,” another farmer Charles Msanjila, explained.

The project aims at creating awareness on responsible organic agricultural practices to at least 3000 people in the three districts, among them persons with disabilities.