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All Africans Movement takes off From Arusha, Between Cape-Town and Cairo

Tanzania hosts the largest convening of the ‘Africans Rising,’ movement, a special event out to reshape the continent and which is taking place in the country’s Northern Region of Arusha.

Taking place for three days, between August 29 and August 31, 2022, the event, known as ‘All-African Movement Assembly,’ is a hybrid convention touching on major issues of concern.

Concerns include rising insecurity, broken health systems, corruption, climate change and good governance (or lack of it).

The All African Movement Assembly is the biggest gathering of social movements, activists, civil society in Africa and the diaspora, bringing together over 1000 people from across the continent and diaspora.

The gathering takes place at the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation campus.

The MS TCDC a renowned Pan-African training centre located in the Usa-River area of Meru District, some 30 Kilometres from Arusha City along the road to Kilimanjaro.

Preceding the All-African Movement Assembly event in Arusha, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity hosted a series of Regional consultations to serve as a mobilisation platform for members all over the continent.

The consultations were unique opportunities to strengthen the current state of Pan-African organising across the continent.

“At a time when insecurity is intensifying across swaths of Africa, several African countries are heading into elections, rampant corruption is on the rise, and there is a pressing need for African innovation in health care solutions, we want to hear from our members across Africa about how they are standing up to meet the needs and challenges of their communities in the present day.”

A dispatch from Ann Lorna the Media Outreach Consultant at African Rising

The sessions became important opportunities for delegates to engage with grassroots movements and build solidarity among Africans concerned about the health and well-being of their local and Pan-African communities.

According to Lorna they were also platforms for members to showcase their activism work on issues of gender justice, climate change, good governance, equity and dignity, and civic space.

The AAMA event hosts around 1000 participants in Arusha among them movements, activists, artists, journalists, civil society organisations and others.

There have been recent successful convening in Cameroon, Freetown and Lusaka and Africans Rising continues to host consultations in other regions of the continent as well as the diaspora.

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