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Airplanes are now Manufactured in Tanzania

Tanzania has started to assemble the country’s own light airplane models to be known as ‘Skyleader.’

The aircrafts are being manufactured at the Airplanes Africa Limited (AAL) a company operating from Morogoro.

Airplanes Africa recently showcased the prototype of the country’s first-ever assembled aircraft during the Tanzania International Manufacturers Expo 2023 (TIMEXPO) held in Dar-es-salaam.

The model displayed at the expo is known as ‘Skyleader 600.’ This is a small aircraft designed to fly two people including the pilot, described to be an ideal plane for business trips.

The Airplanes Africa Limited director David Grolic revealed that the Morogoro-based company decided to take advantage of the favorable business climate, and people’s willingness to adopt new technologies in Tanzania.

So they set up an aircraft assembly outfit in the country.

“We conducted thorough research to understand the requirements of business travelers who frequently undertake long-distance trips,” Grolic, the AAL director maintained.

“In response to the research, we decided to present an aircraft that would enable business people to travel more conveniently and attend various meetings outside of the region before returning to the city for other activities,” he added.

Airplanes Africa Limited (AAL) is so far the only company which has dared to take flight into this new manufacturing territory.

As it happens, the AAL boasts the only aircraft manufactured within the East African Region for commercial purposes.

After the Skyleader 600 model, AAL is now working on its follow-up airplane to be known as the Skyleader 500 which is currently in the works and is set to be launched in 2024.

However, this other aircraft is designed for agricultural use and other rural commercial activities.

But who is behind the real work? According to the AAL director, a team of Tanzanian and Czech workers are undertaking the task of building the Skyleader 500.

It therefore means that the aircraft assembling venture in Morogoro is also providing employment to a number of local Tanzanians.

And the planes that the AAL builds are reportedly affordable. In fact according to David Grolic these Skyleader aircrafts cost almost the same as a new car. So anybody who owns a car should feel comfortable planning to also include a plane in the fleet.

 These planes made in Tanzania also have low operational costs, are fuel efficient and are easy to maintain.

Airplanes Africa Limited (AAL), plans to start satisfying the domestic market with its small planes, before taking off towards international exports.

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