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Over 20 Cyclists from Arusha to Ride in Zanzibar’s Maiden International Sporting event

Arusha is outfitting more than 20 cyclists from the City, who will be sent to participate in the soon to be held maiden Zanzibar International Sports Festival.

The inaugural sports and cultural event is expected to take place on the Indian Ocean archipelago in February 2024, almost around the same time when the Isles also get to host its annual ‘Sauti za Busara,’ Swahili music extravaganza.

It is not known which will come first but the Zanzibar International Sports Festival was announced in Arusha way back in November 2023 when more than 100 cyclists gathered in the Northern Tanzania City for the Fifth instalment of the Tanzania Heritage Tour.

One of the organizers, Joel Senny who is the Arusha Cycling Association Secretary, says the proposed sports festival is going to be an annual event, taking place every year and involving participants from all over the world.

“We are well prepared to participate in the Zanzibar event, but there are still more chances and vacancies for other people interested to also take part in the events,” said Senny.

He however pointed out that participants must be really professional cyclists as it is a serious event not just a fun riding outing.

“Recently some Cycling competitions were being treated as Riding Tours, we want to change that,” he added.

Among the riders from Arusha there are 14 men and 6 women cyclists.

As it happens, the organizers of the Tanzania Heritage Tour’s cycling competition, which takes place in Arusha every October, are among the coordinators of the forthcoming 2024 Zanzibar International Sports Festival.

The City annual bicycle racing event is usually targeting sports tourism promotion in the Northern Zone, through active events.

The Isles has also been offering a cycling form of tourism which takes visitors from the Old Unguja Stone Town to the Zanzibar cloves farms.

Joel Senny, conjunction with the Arusha Cycling Association (ACA) for over five years now, revealed that his team was working with other stakeholders in the Isles in the preparation for the 2024 Zanzibar International Sports Festival.

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