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New Year’s Sky Hovering Helicopter Raises Questions in Arusha

An unknown chopper which remained stationary in the sky with blades rotating created a buzz among most residents of Arusha who wondered what the helicopter was trying to do.

The incident occurred in Kisongo area, in the outskirts of the city, at around midday on the first day of January 2023.

The helicopter, according to observers, had been making rounds above the city for several minutes before moving onto Kisongo area, and remained stationary above the local prison (Magereza) premises.

A number of vehicles using the main Arusha-Dodoma Highway, the road which passes adjacent to the Arusha Domestic Airport were compelled to pull over on the roadside to witness the strange chopper which seemed to have stuck, in the sky.

For many of them, they were not sure if the people in the helicopter were trying to spy over the local prison or were taking pictures of the Arusha Airport (ARK) which happens to be located adjacent to the Penitentiary.

The chopper remained hovering on the sky above the two facilities for nearly ten minutes before it flew away leaving many unanswered questions.

Meanwhile the New Year 2023 started on serene footing across the nation with many residents starting the day on various vigil occasions, the biggest phenomenon being the one which took place in the Kawe section of Dar-es-salaam.

Tens of thousands of people, mostly believers gathered at the Tanganyika Packers grounds in the city for the night vigil before the altar of Prophet Boniface Mwamposa who heads the ‘Arise and Shine’ Ministries.

Mwamposa’s Vigil night of prayers broke all records as far as multitude of people is concerned.

The Vigil at Tanganyika Packers Grounds in Dar-es-salaam

Other vigils of prayers were conducted at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar-es-salaam City, Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium in Arusha and the Jamhuri Stadium of Dodoma.

The trans-night prayers and supplications that were held in the night of December 31, 2022, all the way to the early morning of January 2023, also took place in Mwanza and Kilimanjaro Regions.

Elsewhere fireworks lit the skies just as entertainment houses such as bars and night clubs being filled with patrons who wanted to ensure that the new year found them awake and happy.

The new year fanfare was now without some funny episodes, a number of cars were seen badly parked on roads with owners fast asleep, some enjoying their deep slumbers clutching liquor bottles.

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