Young Boys Are Now Major Victims of Lewd Sex Monsters

Action Aid Tanzania recently convened a meeting to address issues of sexual molestation against children in Tanzania to mark the annual 16 Days of activism against Gender-Based Violence in the country.

The event was held in Chamwino District of Dodoma region.

The head of Gender and Children Desk at the Police Headquarters, Inspector Kija Banka admitted that boys are currently main victims of gender-based violence and incidences of sexual molestation.

At least, this is according to reports that land in her office.

“It is the elders in society, including relatives and guardians who usually exploit children sexually,” revealed Inspector Banka.

The Police Officer maintained that cases of rape and sodomy against minors not only leave them with physical injuries but also affect them psychologically, thus threatening future of the nation.

On her part, the head of Programs and Policy at ActionAid Tanzania Jovina Nawenzake, maintains that the humanitarian organization will continue to advocate for women and children rights and safety.

“It is sad to note that girls continue to be discriminated against when it comes to child rights, including access to education, the right to enjoy their childhoods.”

Jovina pointed out that, childhood pregnancies, forced early marriages are preventing the development of girls in society, making them second-hand citizens without the right to speak.

She is on view that more policies to safeguard children must be formulated in order to protect future generations.

The Senior Assistant Commissioner Police (ACP) Ulrich Matei graced the event and assured that as long as members of the community join hands in the battle against gender-based violence, his force will provide all the necessary assistance.

“We have so far established, and we’ll continue to set up more gender desks in all wards, districts and regions to ensure rapid response and availability of service right from grassroots levels,” he added.

Police Commissioner Matei however expressed concern that many parents fail to report cases of gender-based violence including incidences of their children being molested sexually.

“We may now be compelled to take actions against parents and guardians who seem to condone such acts,” Matei warned.

Running under the theme of ‘Wajibika, Tokomeza Ukatili na Mauaji Dhidi ya Wanawake na Watoto’ the event attracted residents, activists, security forces, teachers and children from Chamwino District of Dodoma as well as Singida region.

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