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Murder at Morogoro Bus Station: Tout kills another fighting for passengers

The Msamvu Bus Terminal of Morogoro was drenched in blood, after one of the notorious passenger grabbing touts stabbed another to death, as they were scrambling for travellers to fill their respective buses.

The suspect, Abdillah Yassin, aged 32, was trying to force people to board buses belonging to the company he touted for, the Abood Bus, while the deceased, Tazani Mdeme (35), was on the other hand attempting to push passengers into the bus of his choice, BM Coach.

BM Coach Bus at the Morogoro Bus Terminal

A statement from the Morogoro Regional Police Commander, Fortunatus Musilim reveals that as the two scrambled for passengers at the Msamvu bus station, they started throwing harsh words at each other and eventually a fight ensued.

The chaos at the terminal developed into a fully-fledged battle at the end of which, the tout drumming support for the Abood Bus company, Abdillah Yassin, allegedly pushed a knife blade into the left side of his victim’s chest.

The deceased, Tazani Mdeme died shortly after the attack. Eye witnesses say Mr Mdeme was still alive by the time they took him to hospital but died while receiving treatment.

Touts are usually men who like to through bus stations, working to convince and sometimes force travellers to use buses of their choice.

How it works is that, bus drivers yearning to fill their seats to capacity, use such people to coax, pardon, force and even push travellers into the vehicles, after which the drivers or conductor will pay them token fees for their trouble.

Since each of the touts scramble to fill his own bus, fights usually erupt between them, sometimes ending in blood as was the case with the Morogoro incident.

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