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Mount Kilimanjaro Base Heats Up Feverishly In equinoctial Phenomenon

After the climb: Tourists descending from Kilimanjaro (Tanzania Times)

‘The Higher you Go, The cooler it becomes,’ but at the moment, the areas around Africa’s highest Mountain are boiling up like hell.

The Tanzania Meteorological Agency has just released a dispatch warning that the country is currently heating up this November due to the overhead sun moving betwen the two tropic zones.

The overhead sun is retrograding from North at the Tropic of Cancer, heading South towards the global Tropic of Capricon.

But the hottest spot, according to the TMA release, is the area around Kilimanajaro currently pushing the thermometer at 36.4 Degrees Celcius, on average and counting.

That, according to the National Weather Forecasting Body, should be a heat increase of 4.6 degrees for the entire Kilimanjaro Region.

Another heat struck region in Tanzania is the Southern Precinct of Ruvuma which is sweating feverishly at 34.4 Celcius and this is an increase of 4.3 degrees on thermometer.

The heat is also scorching Dar-es-Salaam City, where the sun burns at 33.8 Celcius, according to meteoristics. This is an increase of 2.2 degrees from its normal average thermocouple readings.


The other 30 Tanzanian regions are also experiencing an oven-like situation with the phenomenon expected to continue throughout November to the first week of December, when the heat is likely to dissipate a bit.

However the heat will be experienced again next February 2022 when the overhead sun moves back North from the Tropic of Capricon to the Tropic of Cancer.

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