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Road Crash Kills 22: Ahmeed Bus Collides with truck from DR Congo in Morogoro

A passenger vehicle belonging to Ahmeed Bus Company has been involved in head-on-collission with an oncoming truck in Morogoro region killing several.

A considerable number of people, including drivers of both vehicles have lost their lives during the crash which occured adjacent to the Malela bridge.

It is estimated that the crash decimated 22 people on the spot. President Samia Suluhu Hassan has sent condolescence.

Ahmeed Bus, a scania with registration numbers T732 ATH

The Bus was traveling from Mbeya Region, going to Tanga but the journey was cut short in the road section between Morogoro area and Mikumi National Park.

The Morogoro Regional Police Commander, Fortunatus Muslim has confirmed the incident. Many passengers have been seriously injured, some fighting for their lives in hospitals.

The heavy-duty semi-trailer tipper truck, from DR Congo, with registration numbers IT 2816 happened to be a Left-Hand-Drive, thus had rather poor vision of the road, being on the wrong side.

The Semi-trailer tipper truck was left-hand-driver (LHD)

Eye witnesses claim that just when both vehicles were overtaking other cars, they rammed into each other. It is believed that at least 15 people have died from the accident.

The entire front part of the bus shell has been shattered alongside the passengers
It was a horrid scene after the crash

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