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Maiden Malaysia Trains to be tested On Tanzania Railway Lines

Malaysian Locomotive Manufacturer (SMH rail) have completed the production of their first ever Diesel Engines. Apparently, the first country to buy the first batch of H10 Series diesel locomotives is, well, Tanzania.

Why Tanzania decided to ‘test drive’ the maiden Malaysian Locomotives is yet to be known, but a statement from SMH Rail, released on the first day of November, 2021 revealed that the trains were specifically made to serve the African freight market .

Adding that the new ‘energy efficient,’ machines were ready to be handed over to Tanzania Railways Corporation.

Datuk PK Nara id the SMH Rail chairman and managing director. He seems confident that the locomotives will bring positive enhancements to the African rail cargo industry.

“These locomotives were built for use by African freight operators with TRC as the launch customer,” added Nara, adding that upon landing at Dar-es-salaam Port, with the minister of Works and Transport set to receive and unveil the new machines.

The Tanzania Railways Corporation has admitted on their Twitter Account that, the TRC will be receiving three such locomotives from Malaysia by the end of November 2021.

But the Malaysian Meter Gauge Railways (MGR) locomotives should not be confused with the electric trains that Tanzania intends to procure from South Korea to serve on the country’s new Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) Tracks.

Malaysia however sing praises to their first ever locomotives.

“Energy-efficient and eco-designed, the ‘H10 Series’ diesel-electric locomotives will meet the Tanzanian Government railroad’s unique operational needs through seamless connectivity and enhanced accessibility,” reads part of SMF statement.

The statement also touched some diplomacy for maximum effects.

“SMH Rail believes as it moves forward with concerted efforts, the company will not only be able to boost Malaysian-African relations but further drive economic empowerment through export.”

Malaysian Manufacturer believes that the future of rail, driven by innovation in engineering and technology will enable the railways to achieve safety milestones whilst maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global economy to be among the most energy-efficient modes of transport for freight and passengers.

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