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Maiden Africa Media Festival Points out Mainstream Weaknesses on Continent

Kenya hosted the first-ever Africa Media Festival (AMF) at Radisson Blu, upper hill, Nairobi.

The festival, whose theme is dubbed ‘Reimagine Media’, brought together media professionals and enthusiasts from all over Africa to explore innovative ideas and approaches for the future of media.

Day one of the festival featured a range of interactive exhibits, panels, and workshops focused on the theme of reimagine Media.

The festival is meant to celebrate diverse and dynamic landscape of media and showcases new ideas and technologies shaping the industry’s future.

Over the two-day festival, attendees have had the opportunity to engage with leading media professionals and innovators from various fields, including film, television, music, podcasting, and more.

The festival has offered different variety for everyone, from casual enthusiasts to industry insiders.

Among the highlights for the first and second day was keynote from Abdul Noor Mohammed, the Vice president of Luminate Africa.

There was also a panel session on the State of Africa’s newsroom, Mainstream gender in the news, podcasting Hackathon, Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for Africa Media and creative, Technology and Arts.

In addition to the educational programming, the festival features a range of interactive exhibits, including screenings of new and classic films, live podcast recordings, and virtual reality experiences.

African Media Festival comes at a time when media industry in the region seems to be on its knees.

Therefore it was observed that AMF should be a platform to provide solutions.

Participants revealed that to come up with solutions, there should be honest. Innovation and forward-thinking come from adversity Media are needed by everyone.

When the Covid Pandemic hit the world, it was only through media that the mostly locked down people managed to peep outside their walls of confinement.

Addressing the audience Bilal Randeree from (MDF) a media donor in the United States challenged the mainstream media across Africa, saying it lacked the correct business module.

“The media also don’t seem to know who their audiences are. The Business Module means Income, expense and balance something he says it’s lacking on our traditional mainstream media.

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