Lecturer in Hot Soup over Steamy Videos with his Female Students

Social media platforms in Tanzania were set ablaze with bizarre video clips of a person believed to be the tutor of an institute of higher learning, based in Arusha, taking his female students on a ‘trip around the world,’ in a saucy way.

In reaction to that, the management of the State-Owned Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA), was compelled to issue an official statement to try and explain the situation.

The Public Notice from the Institute of Accountancy Arusha, admits that one of the ‘actors’ in the X-Rated video clips, featuring some of the college students, was a person they named as Mr Adam Semlambo who happens to be a lecturer at the Training Institution which runs under the Tanzanian Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Sexual harassments or students were also interested? (Photo for illustration only)

Signed by the Acting College Rector, Dr Cairo Mwaitete the statement from the IAA administration, in Arusha, affirmed that the suspect has been suspended from duty, pending further investigations into the matter.

Letter from IAA administration written in Kiswahili language

“We, as college administrators, have already contacted security organs to deal with the case and promise to offer all cooperation required so that the necessary steps can be taken,” reads part of the official dispatch.

Why the lecturer decided to film his lewd act with college students remains a mystery.

Again whether he chose to distribute the saucy video online himself or somebody gor them accidentally and decided to make them public for one reason or another, is again yet to be known.

Based in the Njiro section of Themi Hills, South of the Arusha City, the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) is a parastatal educational institution which was established by the Institute of Accountancy Arusha Act of 1990. 

IAA Campus in Njiro, Arusha

The overall control and supervision of the Institute is vested in its Governing Council.

The Institute has, over time, developed several certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate and Masters programs, which it offers full time for one year for certificate, postgraduate and Masters programs and three years for undergraduate programs.

Though the main campus operates from Njiro, Arusha, the Institute of Accountancy also has branches in Dar-es-Salaam City as well as at Babati Township in Manyara Region.