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Lady Passenger Delivers Baby inside a Moving Bus on Mayday

An expectant woman who was traveling from Mwanza to Arusha, aboard a public commuter bus, delivered a healthy bouncing baby from her seat inside the fast moving vehicle.

The unusual event occurred on the first day of May, 2022. For privacy reasons we are yet to get permission from the woman to divulge her identity in public.

New Kid on the Bus

Still she is being described as one, rather lucky female traveler on the 1st of May 2022.

Together with 50 other passengers that were riding in the Loliondo Coach bus, a Yutong F12 Bus with registration numbers T-487 DWN, which departed from Mwanza terminal at 6.00 am.

We don’t know yet why the lady chose to travel long-distance in that condition.

Or even why make the trip on Mayday, usually regarded as a national holiday when the entire country was observing the annual workers’ day.

All the same, her May Day journey from Mwanza to Arusha would later develop into a ‘May Day’ call of distress as she started experiencing delivery pains.

The Journey from Mwanza City in Tanzania’s Lake Zone is not short, it takes over Nine Hours to travel by bus from there to Arusha the City in the Northern Zone.

And the trip could have proven to be too much for the expectant mother.

But for the Loliondo Bus company, they tweeted the incident as a lucky omen for their fleet.

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