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Korea transfers digital learning system to local school in Arusha

South Korea which has been providing specialized Information Communication Technology Training for female pupils under the Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania has handled the program to one of the local schools in Arusha.

Funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and implemented through E3Empower Africa, the digital learning system targeting local students in Arusha managed to see the graduation of hundreds of more than 60 girl students.

And now they are is signing out of the project after a successful three-year mission.

“The system is now being transitioned to a local school,” stated Ji Young Rhee the Director of E3Empower.

Ji Young Rhee explained that they have already provided the local teachers at the Unga-Limited Primary School with preparatory training to local teachers for more than four months for building their capacity to take over the program.

The tailor-made youth ICT program has been running for the last 3 years at E3Empower in Arusha.

It was conducted for six hours of the day. According to the Director, Tanzanian students have proved to be fast learners with most of them enjoying the interactive hands-on projects.

And now they are is signing out of the project after a successful three-year mission.

With the transfer to Unga-Limited School, E3Empower also donated to the institution all the computer sets, laptops, tablets, related accessories, servers, projectors, printers, tables and chairs as well as the teaching programs and software.

The school is holding ICT classes, 40 Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania (COBET) students and 40 Standard 6 students every day, which is a total of 140 students this fall. 

Another 140 students will be trained next spring semester, totalling 280 students each year. 

They are using a Special Digital Library with all kinds of educational materials such as Wikipedia, Khan academy, various textbooks as well as Children books in English language.

The program also includes past papers of previous National Examinations for Primary 4 and Standard 6 et cetera to prepare the children for their finals.

Representing the City Director, an official from the Council, Hassan Ally Hassan thanked KOICA for the initiative as well as the teaching materials, adding that the government will see to it that more computers are added to the school.

From Drone building Technology to Lego and Scratch, South Korea has been training young Tanzanians in various fields of digital information communication and innovation for the last seven years.

But E3Empower has also been preparing young Tanzanians for future careers impacting them with knowledge on preparing business plans, building robots, computer programming and maintenance, graphics designing as well as digital marketing.

In many developing nations, access to education is hindered by various barriers, including language barriers, traditional gender roles, and children forced into labour, Korea through E3Empower worked to eliminate these barriers and provide local communities with relevant education.

E3Empower is a social enterprise with its headquarter in California, USA, whose aim is to empower the developing communities through EnergyEducation, and Entrepreneurship. 

For Tanzania the E3Empower Africa was established in 2015, in the Northern City of Arusha.
It has been focusing on equipping schools, teachers, and students with IT education.

E3Empower has managed to reach more than 50 government secondary schools, Private Institutions, International Schools, and International Organizations for regular classes and after-school classes.

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