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KFC fries its way Between Cape Town and Cairo roasting a new outlet in the Safari City of Arusha

The Sky is Falling!

Global Food Chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken of America, known for its popular abbreviation, KFC is now establishing the first branch in Northern Tanzania with a new outlet in Arusha.

According to initial reports from the franchise management their new Tanzanian outlet will be operating from the Central Business District around the Clock Tower area in the tourist city.

Now, the KFC branch in Arusha will be the seventh such outlet in Tanzania.

That should be good news to local poultry keepers because the fast food chain specializes in chicken dishes.

Gallus Gallus

KFC already has six outlets in the country, but mostly in Dar-es-salaam, apparently, this will be the first restaurant in Arusha.

KFC, originating from the United States is a fast food restaurant chain based in Louisville, Kentucky, but which essentially specializes in fried chicken menus.

Latest data indicate that KFC could be the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, as far as sales are concerned, after McDonald’s, with 22,621 locations globally in more than 150 countries.

South Africa with 955 KFC outlets ranks at number 4 globally and remains the leader on the African continent.

Egypt comes second with 164 KFC restaurants, followed by Nigeria with 30, Kenya also with 30 and Mauritius with 22 such eateries.

KFC is also present in Namibia where it runs 21 outlets, Ghana with 19 outlets, Morocco (18); Botswana (16); Mozambique (12) and Uganda also with 12 branches.

Other KFC branches in Africa are found in Tunisia which has 11 restaurants, Zimbabwe also with 11 eateries, Eswatini (10), Angola (9), Libya (9), Lesotho (8), Sudan (8), Zambia (7) and Ivory Coast (6).

KFC branches are also found in Gabon (5), Senegal (3), Malawi (3), Madagascar (2) as well as Algeria (1) and Rwanda (1).

The KFC enterprise also happens to be the subsidiary of Yum! Brands, a restaurant company that also owns the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell franchise.

It is being estimated that the KFC Brands consume an average of 1 Billion Chicken every year.

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