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Kenyan Trade Unionist Atwoli attacked on Twitter for Hiring Faya Tess, Nyboma to Entertain him

The Twitter Republic is going berserk.

Kenyans online are frying the country’s Trade Unionist, Francis Atwoli for inviting top Congolese Musicians, Coco Nyboma and Faya Tess, to privately entertain him and his family during the forthcoming New Year.

To add salt to injury, the Secretary General of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) bragged about the whole thing.

Posing with the two singers as they jetted into Nairobi, Atwoli wrote…

“At the arrival of Coco Nyboma Mwandido and Faya Tess for the end of Year family and friends entertainment, while ‘we’ thank God for everything.”

The so-called ‘Papa,’ Francis Atwoli, paid for the Congolese rumba artists, Faya Tess and Coco Nyboma, to fly into Kenya and perform in his rural home at Bukhungu Stadium.

Atwoli (Center), with Faya Tess (Right) and Coco Nyboma as the two singers arrived in Nairobi, but for most people this isn’t music to their ears

Faya Tess and Nyboma arrived in Kenya in the late evening of December 28, 2021, and they were both welcomed by the pink-shirt clad Atwoli himself.

Apparently, most Kenyans aren’t happy with Atwoli’s ‘Happy New Year!’

“Life is so unfair. As some of us are fighting wars that were never won by our parents, never inherited anything and struggling to accumulate some wealth so that our kids can have somewhere to start from, Papa (Atwoli) is living in his own world eating with a big spoon…..” One Gabriel Bwire laments.

Salim ‘The Don’ chipped in; “Man Weta the 5th ‘alisema‘ (said) your work is to invite Congolese Musicians in the glare of public eyes but ‘hutetei workers,’ (You never speak for workers)

…..Kazi ya Atwoli ni kuvaa Chains mingi kwa shingo kama mbwa tu (All Atwoli does is to wear neck chains like a dog).” The Don posted a video of the senator speaking in parliament about the COTWU Headman.

There was a comment from one Nick who asked; “How many Luhya Youths have you ever employed with such powerful postiton, shameless old man paying musicians millions yet our young boys are suffering in the village.”

Mutai Benard on the other hand wanted to know which legal business does Atwoli run. “Hii ni pesa ya wafanyakazi unaturingia nayo!” (This is workers’ money that you are bragging with).

Comments are endless and still coming, though of course there are those who defend the Trade Unionist saying he deserved whatever he has and that, the arrival of Mongali singer, Kishila Ngoy (Faya Tess) and Double Double crooner, Nyboma Mwandido was a welcome thing.

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