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Kenyan, Indian and Brazilian foreigners among the eleven people killed in Morogoro Factory Blast

An explosion which occurred inside the Mtibwa Sugar Mills of Morogoro has killed eleven people or being workers of the Factory, authorities have confirmed.

Three foreign personnel from Kenya, India Brazil happen to be among the dead.

The Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Alex Mkama explained that the accident was the result of the sudden increase in voltage in the establishment’s electrical circuit network, leading to electricity failure and eventually the fateful blast.

SACP Alex Mkama who serves as the Regional Police Commander of Morogoro said the incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday, May 23, 2024. Two other personnel were badly injured in the incident.

Mtibwa sugar plant and related sugarcane estates are located in the Turiani District of Morogoro.

The Police commander said the eleven members of the staff who were killed in the factory blast included three foreign workers among them a Kenyan, a Brazilian, and an Indian national. 

The other eight dead victims were all Tanzanians.

Most of the people who died in the blast happened to be electricity engineers who were working to repair the malfunctioning of the power system in the plant’s control room.

 Bodies of the dead victims were being kept inside the morgue attached to the Mtibwa Factory Hospital.

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