Police Truck Floating on Wooden Boat at Lamu, Causes Uproar

A photo of a police vehicle floating tied across a wooden boat, floating on the Kenyan Indian Ocean Coastline is causing both uproar and mirth as it trends online.

The Nissan Pickup truck, belonging to the Kenya Police, was captured in Lamu by a roving photographer, but probably a social media sleuth.

Dhow shall not float on sea

The police car placed horizontally on the wooden boat, was secured by ropes and added wooden bars.

It must have have completed the journey from the mainland to the Island because the dhow was captured with masts down and docked at a quay on the Indian Ocean Coast, but still carrying its vehicle cargo.

The Photo was posted online on the Facebook page titled, Digital Cops with caption; “Nothing is Impossible in Kenya!”

A popular post too. It has over 7500 likes and counting.

Many, even thought that the image could have been photoshoped, but the residents of Kenya’s coast assured it was a common thing in their precinct.

Nearly 500 other responses in terms of written coments showered down the post.

“Who is this risking our taxes like this?” asked Ndiritu Craig Benson.

Sudi Bou Omar summed it up like this; “Maiti kabeba jeneza, badala Jeneza Kubeba yeye!” Meaning, ‘the Corpse is carrying the coffin instead of the other way round.’

Rahab Mwaura Rahab smirks; “Kenya never dissapoints.”

“Just a normal thing in Lamu,” dismissed Martha Nyambura.

Peter Gosalamang for instance commented, “The drug they are taking in Kenya is too dangerous!”

But Mwaniki James Mwangi explained; “This is how vehicles are transported from Mukowe Pier to Amu Town of Lamu Island,” and he reckons is it very safe and convinient.

Richard Maghanga wondered in awe; “Waa! From Mokoe to Kisiwani Mambo Balaa. Wale Punda Weusi Kina Fatuma wanaotumika kama Magari Hawako Tena?” Translating into “This must be from Mokoe to Kisiwani. It is Disaster, What happened to the black donkeys normally used as transport on the Island?”

As it turns out, according to residents, Police officers on the Islands have been riding on donkeys while attending daily duties there.

‘Entering Jerusalem?’ No. This is Lamu

So it seems the Kenya Police is introducing pickup trucks to replace donkeys that have been serving as cops response cars.