Investor pumps 1.7 billion/- for Conservation efforts within Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem

The Chem-Chem Foundation is investing over 1.5 billion/- for conservation efforts in the Burunge Wildlife Management Area in Babati District of Manyara.

Among the environment conservation and wildlife protection activities that the Chem-Chem Foundation aims to undertake include reinforcing anti-poaching programs in both the Burunge Wildlife Management Area and the adjacent Kwakuchinja Wildlife Corridor.

“We are increasing the budget for the conservation of this vital ecosystem because it is the lifeline of the Tarangire-Lake Manyara ecology,” explained the Chem-Chem Association Manager Clever Zulu.

Previously, the Chem-Chem used to invest 500 million/ in the area’s conservation efforts, but now the foundation is tripling the amount to USD 700,000 which is equivalent to 1.5 billion/- in local currency.

Zulu says the Burunge Conservation Program is being executed in conjunction with the Babati District Council, the community owned; Burunge Wildlife Management Area (Burunge WMA) and the Chem-Chem Association, the investing firm conducting tourism activities in the area.

“Conservation efforts have bearing fruits because there is a considerable increase as far as the number of wild animals is concerned which is also complemented with increasing number of tourists,” said Zulu.

Measuring 283 square kilometres, the wilderness precinct also features two major lakes that is Lake Burunge and Lake Manyara both important to the area’s ecology.

ChemChem Manager, Clever Zulu presenting a televison set to Manyara Regional Police

The Burunge Wildlife Management Area, on the other hand, is made up of ten villages including Mwada, Ngolei, Sangaiwe, Kakoi, Minjingu, Olasiti, Maweni, Magara, Manyara and Vilima Viatu.

The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) Northern Zone Conservation Officer Emmanuel Pius said conservation activities in Burunge must and have always involved local residents.

Rangers Training session in Burunge

“This is the only way to ensure that the task is accomplished properly,” said Pius, adding that even local and traditional elders are actively taking part in the area conservation efforts.

The Burunge Wildlife Management Area’s Secretary, Benson Mwaise admitted that recent wildlife census results indicate an increase of animals.

“We are also experiencing an increase in revenues for the WMA which also reflects the growing number of tourists,” said Mwaise.

Julius Maliaki is a resident of Vilima Vitatu Village who praised the efforts of Chem-Chem management in helping to conserve the wildlife-rich area as well as assisting development projects in surrounding villages.