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How Tanzania makes a killing in Hunting business

It is estimated that Tanzania earns an average of 60 billion/- from hunting activities in the country’s trekking plots most of them being located in the country’s game reserves.

The Five-year trend of revenue that Tanzania receives from tourist hunting started with 20.1 billion/- in the year 2018 and escalating to 63.03 billion/- in 2022 with figures for 2023 yet to be compiled.

However in 2019 Tanzania earned 20.8 billion/- from tourist hunting and in the following year, 2020, when the entire world was in, lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic the earnings dropped to 15.5 billion/-

The figure for hunting revenues picked up again in 2021 when Tanzania raked in 35.7 billion/- from trekking adventures.

That figure almost doubled in 2022 when the hunting industry yielded 63.03 billion/- in local currency according to the data from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Tanzania received a total of 147,157 foreign visitors in 2022 that came to the country specifically for tourist hunting; up from 101,930 visitors in the previous year, this again is according to data from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

On the other hand, earnings from tourist hunting jumped by 76.8 percent between 2021 and 2022 with latter recording 63.03 billion/- from the sector.

The tourism ministry attributed the sharp rise in tourist hunting visitor numbers in 2022 to photography tourism, which is a new revenue stream.

Out of a total of 147,157 tourist hunting visitors last year, 139,967 visited the country for photographic purposes, 503 were spectators, while 687 were actual trophy hunters.

Tanzania offers a variety of wildlife species to trophy hunters, ranging from small animals to the largest herbivores of the earth, according to the Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA).

According to TAWA, some of the most common species are in buffalos, bush pigs, bushbuck, crocodiles, eland gazelles, elephants, greater kudus, hartebeests, hippos, hyenas, impalas, klipspringers and leopards.

Other wildlife species available for trophy hunting in Tanzania include lion, reedbuck, roan, sable antelope, serval cat, steenbok, suni, vervet monkey, warthog, wild cat, wildebeest and zebra.

Apart from large mammals, Tanzania also offers a variety of game and water birds for hunting.

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