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Great East African Cycling: Around The World in Fifty Days

The fifth round of Great African Cycling Safari rides again, with the 2022 Mission intending to accomplish even more

Tanzania Times

After being flagged off from Mama Ngina Grounds in Kenya’s Coastal City of Mombasa, the Great African Cycling Safari 2022 is on cruise for another tough expedition across five states within East Africa.

The cyclists made three rounds at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, in honor of peaceful general elections as Kenya goes to polls on August 9.

A total of 96 riders were flagged off from Mombasa, but according to organizers, 35 cyclists will make the multinational journey.

As usual, the annual 55-day, GACS adventure on two wheels, gets to experience all forms of terrains, all types of weather and different climates.

Riders meet or mingle with all types of human beings, assorted wildlife species and time-travel into the past through history frozen in ancient monuments.

It is essentially a typical Jules Verne’s trip around the world … except this time it is being accomplished in 55 days.

At Kilifi County, which is the tour’s first stop, members of the Mission donated …eh… blood.

Blood brothers in Kilifi

They are out on a long gruelling journey yet riders get to shed a few plasmas? Yes really.

“We have created the most scenic and long-distance on and off-road bicycle trail, from the Coast, in Mombasa to Nairobi, exploring the huge variety packed into East Africa, precisely five of its most endowed partner states; Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.”

John P. Balongo – GACS

Indeed the Great African Cycling Safari 2022 move from lower lands to rolling hills, remote trails, plantations, waterfalls, old slave towns, new urban centers, vast savannahs and deep forests.

A total of 6000 kilometers gets covered in 55 days that the Mission rides through five East African Countries.

Climate Change is the theme trailing the riders’ saddles, with tree planting campaigns punctuate most of the stopover points.

Arusha, the Northern Tanzanian City and current seat of the East African Community is where the Cycling Safari brakes to a stop on September 25.

GACS Riding on time

The Great Africa Cycling Safari showcases the EAC in all its multiplicity and reflects the cultural diversity of the people living in the East Africa region.

It is a biking tour expedition which interacts with various East African Communities during the 55 days that participants pedal around the region.

Riders contact Schools, Government officials, Diplomats, local elders and religious leaders as they cruise through the East African Community’s Member States.

Over 100,000 biking enthusiasts from all walks of life have been experiencing the unique East African terrain, indigenous cultures and food through the event since its inception in 2016.

The Great Africa cycling Safari is organized and managed by Campfire Logs Guild a not for profit organization registered in Uganda

You may drop the riders a line as they pass through your village, town or city

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