Gospel Bill: New President of Kenya invites Choirs from Tanzania into State House

All the President's Men (And Women)

Bill the Fifth also has a soft spot for some church tunes from the other side of the border.

Kenya’s fifth Head of State, William Ruto seems to be walking the footsteps of Nyayo.

Nyayo, which was how the second President of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi was known, also loved to import choir singers from Tanzania to serenade him at the Nairobi State House.

William Ruto aka Bill the Fifth is doing the same now.

There is a picture of him posing at state house with Zabron singers from Kahama District of Tanzania is making rounds on social media.

Previously, the gospel troupe, Zabron Singers performed at Kasarani Stadium (also known as Moi International Sports Center) during President William Ruto’s inauguration.

The Choir from Tanzania’s Lake Zone region got everyone at the venue dancing and singing along to their hit song, ‘Mkono wa Bwana.’

You can watch the Zabron Singers’ Video for Mkono wa Bwana Here

Ruto and Wife swayed alongside the beats. Fortunately for modern singers, groups nowadays no longer need physical instruments, they simply mime along flash storage media playback.

President, First Lady and Ex-First Lady get to move their bodies at Kasarani

Former President, Uhuru Kenyatta also joined in the dancing with his wife Margaret Kenyatta seriously getting ‘jigging with it!’

Based in the Kahama District of Shinyanga Region within Tanzania’s Lake Victoria Zone, the Zabron Singers group is tethered in the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) Church.

Formed in the year 2006 the gospel troupe should be 16 years old now, serving at Kahama Central SDA under band leader Benedict Burash.

As Ruto the Gospel Music route to soundtrack his series of photographs depicting him as worshipper in church.

Raila Odinga, his main rival during Kenya’s General Elections used plenty of music during his August 2022 Presidential campaign meetings.

Amolo also imported music from Tanzania but not Church Choirs.

Raila flew into Nairobi the teen dreamboat, Diamond Platinumz from Dar-es-salaam who mimed to a number of his bongo-flava tracks during the Odinga rallies.

Previously the Odinga team had invited Congolese ageing crooner, Mbilia Bel of the former L’Afrisa International Fame to convince Kenyans to vote for their top candidate.

The late President Moi’s favorite choir from across the border was the Kwaya ya Uinjilist from the Arusha City Center’s Parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

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