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Gold Mafia: Zimbabwe Comes Out Clean on Money Laundering

The Zimbabwe Government has come out clean on the alleged claims that the country was steeped deep in Money Laundering Rackets as well as massive Gold Smuggling.

An official statement from Senator Masawa Monica Mutsvangwa, the Zimbabwean Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services admits that the country leadership was taking ‘note’ of a documentary titled ‘Gold Mafia.’

The serialized flick insinuates among other criminal activities, Gold Smuggling, Money Laundering and Government officials forming a syndicate of criminal in the Southern African country.

‘Gold Mafina,’ is a TV Documentary currently being serialized by an international broadcasting channel.

The investigative series purports to expose a network of alleged money laundering and gold smuggling in Zimbabwe.

John Silver?

“Gold Mafia,” is a four-part journalistic investigation by Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera, which alleges syndicates with links to government officials using Zimbabwe’s gold exports to launder dirty money.

“Our Government takes the allegations which are raised in this documentary seriously and has directed relevant organs to institute investigations into the issues raised therein,” the Zimbabwe Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa stated.

Government takes the allegations being raised in the documentary seriously, and has directed relevant organs to institute investigations into the issues raised therein.

Any person found to have engaged in acts of corruption, fraud or any form of crime, will face the full wrath of the law.

“Government takes this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to upholding local and international laws, including laws relating to financial transactions, the trade of gold and other precious minerals.”

She added that boastful behavior and name-dropping by some personalities featured in the documentary, seeking personal gain and glory, should never be taken as an enunciation of Government Policy.

Government remains seized with the matter and the nation will be kept apprised of any new developments.

Zimbabwe’s move has been praised by critics, because the country is not only admitting the possibility, but also taking actions against it.

“If the documentary was filmed in other African countries like Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda, the TV channel would have been attacked by government officials instead of addressing the raised problem,’ Sandi Muneva, an analyst based in Zimbabwe pointed out.

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