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Giant Pythons Stuck on trees in Tarangire for Over Twelve Weeks

The latest wildlife phenomenon in Tanzania is the incidences of more than three giant rock pythons that remain perched on trees for nearly 15 weeks in the Tarangire National Park.

Tourists visiting Tarangire seem to shift focus from the usual massive elephants, the staple attraction in the park, to the giant tree-top reptiles that are essentially quite scary.

One of the pythons, which is currently coiled on top of the tree located along the road leading to Sopa Lodge, is billed to have been perched there stationary, for over three months now, or nearly 14 weeks and counting.

Other two huge snakes are said to be nesting on tree branches elsewhere in the park, for between four weeks and six weeks respectively, remaining immobile.

Ali Omar, the Tanzania National Park’s Conservation Ranger stationed in Tarangire affirms the presence of the three, or possibly more, African Rock Pythons on top of trees in the park.

Ali also admits that the incidences are quite a phenomenon at the moment.

One of the three Rock Pythons that are being watched in Tarangire having perched onto trees for more than three months now without moving an inch.

While tree-climbing pythons are not new in Tarangire, this time the serpents seem to be spending more than usual time away from the ground.

And though snakes that climb trees are also common, it takes more than luck for visitors to spot the Pythons in Tarangire.

The reptiles reportedly like to sun themselves up in trees around the swamp in the National Park.

Where are the swamps in Tarangire National Park? In Silale (Or around the Silalei) area.

Where is Tarangire? The National Park is located nearly 120 kilometers from Arusha City, along the road heading to Dodoma via Babati.

The Park is located in the South-East Direction from Lake Manyara. One has to turn left upon reaching Minjingu area along Dodoma Road.

The National Park is named after River Tarangire which cuts across the reserve, before emptying into both Lake Burunge and Lake Manyara.

Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks share the same ecosystem. Manyara is famous for the tree-climbing lions while Tarangire features the giant tree-climbing pythons.

Where can I see a tree climbing lion?” that should be around Lake Manyara, as stated and within the Serengeti National Park.

What does Tarangire Mean? The name is derived from two words; Tara, meaning river and Ngire (Ngiri) meaning Warthog.

Tarangire therefore translated into a river of warthogs, or the river where warthogs go for a drink of water.

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