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Future Cotton Fibres May come from Katavi Region

Katavi is cottoning up initiatives to help the local fibre growers to secure financial support to boost the region’s agricultural potential.

As it seems, Katavi also wants to turn around the precinct’s economic wheel by investing heavily in cotton farming and fibre production.

There will thus be a scheduled roundtable meeting to that effect, bringing together cotton growers, dealers of agricultural machinery and farm inputs, as well as representatives from various banks and other financial institutions.

They should be discussing how best the farmers can stand a chance to acquire friendly loans, especially the agro machineries to help transform their production.

This comes after farmers in Tanganyika District lodged the concern before the Area Commissioner Onesmo Buswelu during the Cotton Farmers Field Day, coordinated under the Cotton Victoria Project and which took place in Katavi Region.

The event was organized by the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) in collaboration with Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) and was attracted by farmers and extension officers from the four districts of Katavi region, including Mpanda, Nsimbo, Mlele and the Tanganyika district.

“The forthcoming roundtable meeting will bring together relevant institutions and agro companies that are able to roll out monetary and machinery capitals to well established cotton growers thus be sure to effectively make use of the event,” DC Buswelu said.

The Area Commissioner pointed out that Katavi was clearly becoming a proper cotton producing area because harvests have been improving in both quality and quantity as time goes by.

Samwel Nsima Marandu a farmer from Kapanga village said in adhering to new farming skills from CVP directives he has managed to double his farm production from 300 kilograms of Cotton per acre to 860 kilograms within the same space of land.

He said he was now striving to be able to harvest more than 1000 kilograms of cotton from an acre under the new farming method.

The Cotton Victoria Project is being implemented between the Ministry of Agriculture of Tanzania, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), the Brazilian Cotton Institute (IBA), the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Ukiriguru) and the Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB).