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First Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Opens in Nairobi

The first bone marrow transplant unit has just been established in Kenya.

It will operate along Gandhi Road in the country’s Capital City of Nairobi.

The special medical division at the Nairobi West Hospital targets to solve the long-existing problem of Kenyans spending millions in seeking treatment of some ailments abroad.

The unit will provide a broad range of integrated and patient -centric services for patients whose bone marrow has been damaged or destroyed by disease, infection or chemotherapy.

Speaking during the launch Professor Andrew Kanyi Gachii, Chief Medical Director at the facility explains the importance of access to quality, affordable specialized health care in Kenya.

Getting dedicated and focused medical attention has always been a challenge for most Kenyans, according to Prof Gachii.

Apparently, most local patients have to travel abroad for advanced medical procedures like a bone marrow transplant.

An effective bone marrow transplant unit backed by world leading specialists could also transform Kenya into a medical tourism destination.

Following a high number of Kenyans seeking medical attention from outside the country due to Infections and different diseases today The Nairobi West hospital has for the first time today introduced a Bone Marrow transplant unit, the first one in Kenya.

However, the hospital is in talks with the National Hospital Insurance Fund to include the transplant as one of the products that the fund should cover so as to save the ordinary residents from using a maximum of 35,000 on a single section.

As it happens, getting similar treatment in India doesn’t come cheap at around 2 million Kenyan Shillings.

“The Cancer burden is rising globally; exerting significant strain on populations and health systems at all income levels being diagnosed with blood cancer can bring fear, frustration and uncertainty. When detected and treated early however, blood cancer can be treated successfully. We are fortunate to have local healthcare providers like The Nairobi West hospital which offers an effective and holistic treatment plan for patients.”

Dr Kibet Shikuku

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