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Female ‘God’ in Mwanza owns 150 Live Humans; All held captive under her spell

She is a woman, but prefers to be addressed as ‘King’ other than ‘Queen,’ as she collect live human trophies in her castle

She is 'God' and 'King' and had 150 people held under her both spell and abode

A self proclaimed ‘God,’ who is essentially a female Church Pastor operating in the Lake Zone’s Mwanza Region of Tanzania is under arrest, being accused of various criminal offences, including human trafficking.

Dianna Edward Bundala who goes under various other aliases including ‘Mfalme (King) Zumaridi,’ and ‘Mungu (God) Zumaridi,’ who was discovered to keep nearly 150 people in a strange building, in Mwanza, is suspected to be a human trafficker, according to official police statement.

Senior Assistant Commisioner of Police (SACP) Ramadhani Ng’anzi, who serves as the Mwanza Regional Police Commander, states that the female priest was found with nearly 150 persons that she was illegally holding ransom at her abode in Buguku street of Buhongwa Ward in Nyamagana District of Mwanza.

SACP Ramadhan H Ng’anzi: The Mwanza Regional RPC

“The house in which those people were being kept was neither a church nor a congregation hall,” said the Police Commander Ng’anzi.

Among her human collections, were 57 male adults and 92 women, all reported to be willingly held captive.

Some Mwanza residents believe Zumaridi, aged 39 had powerful spell and telekinesis powers. The police arrested her all the same.

King Zumaridi, the self proclaimed ‘God’ owned a considerable number of humans

Even worse, the ‘Almighty King’ had also gathered in her home, nearly 25 young children aged between 4 and 17 years.

According to the Police Commander, the youngsters were forced out of school, having been told that the suspect was actually ‘God’ who was going to decide their future fate.

“Zumaridi assured them that she was an all powerfull God, capable of solving all problems including raising the dead from graves,” said the Police Chief, Ramadhani Ng’azi.

Apperently members of the crackpot sect as well as the new convicts held in the strange building believed her.

‘God’ and her 150 gullible human followers of the occult branch, have all been arrested by the police and soon will be taken to court.

The whole saga started when the Police in Mwanza Region received Court Directives to find and arrest a parent of the female pupil known as Samir Ally Abbas for failure to attend classes. The father was to appear in court but somehow melted into thin air.

Searching for the accused, the police found the parent as well as the female child inside a building in which ‘King’ Zumaridi was keeping her human collections, held under spell.

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