Seven Countries, 6000 Delegates for FEASSSA Games in Arusha

The Federation of East African Secondary Schools Sports Association returns this year, and the related events are once more scheduled to take place in Tanzania.

They are being held from 14 to 24 September 2022.

At least 6000 people, among them, pupils, students, teachers and education officials will be in attendance.

Participating schools are institutions from the six East African Community Member states.

However, there is the seventh country; For the first time, Malawi gets to participate this year.

And according to the President of Federation of East African Secondary Schools Sports Association (FEASSSA), Justus Mugisha, more than 4000 students get to compete in 14 different types of games.

These include soccer, badminton, netball and volleyball among other various forms of sporting activities.

FEASSSA games opening at Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium in Arusha, 2019. The 2022 events return at same venue

The President of International Schools Sports Federation, the French Laurent Patrica, will be jetting in Arusha from Belgium, to grace the games.

In total there will be 2000 officials from different countries some to as far as Europe and South-Africa.

The President of Africa School Sports, from Morocco will also be attending the games in Arusha.

Side events during the 11 days include tourism, cultural activities and city tours.

In the previous secondary school sports events, the games were, staged at

  • Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium (Athletics as well as Opening and Closing ceremonies)
  • Saint Constantine International School (Hokey, Netball and Swimming).
  • International School of Moshi (Basketball, Swimming, Rugby and Handball),
  • Tanganyika Game Trackers (Football and Handball),
  • Arusha Meru School (Basket and Volleyball),
  • Magereza grounds (Football),
  • Ngarenaro Primary School Sports Complex (Football and Basketball).

The President of FEASSSA, Mugisha Justus said so far, the arrangements are going as planned and that the regional secondary school games will roll out a total 14 types of sports.

The games include Soccer, Handball, long and Table Tennis, Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Volleyball, Swimming, Hockey, all forms of athletics and others.

Students coming for the games will be hosted at several schools, including Peace House Secondary Schools, Sakina Girls, Sakina 2 Center, Edmund Rice, Arusha Girls, Arusha Secondary, Angelico Lipan and Trust Saint Patrick.

Sports Coordinator in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, George Mbijima says, all initial arrangements have been accomplished.

“We have inspected the sporting venues and boarding premises for participants, and so far, the team of inspectors from FEASSSA have been satisfied with all the basic preparations,” added Mbijima.

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