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Exploding Laptop Kills Father and his three children in Arusha. Injures eight other people

A father and his three children have perished in Arusha following a mysterious fire outbreak which occurred at their residential home in the middle of the night, over the weekend.

The fire erupted at the house of the Tanzania National Parks’ member of Staff, Zuberi Hassan Msemo in the Kwa-Mgiriki section of Sakina area in Arusha City.

Early reports are claiming that it was caused by an exploded notebook computer which was left tethered to an electric charging socket overnight.

At least that was the claim from the team of fire brigade who however arrived late to the scene with their clunker truck.

The Tanzania Electricity Company (TANESCO) has been switching power on and off throughout the weekend and some think these irregular fluctuations of current, could also have contributed to the horrid disaster.

Major cause of the deaths, according to medical experts, was the suffocation from thick smoke arising from the fire which erupted while all the house’s occupants were fast asleep, filling the entire house with fumes.

But for the father, who was probably near the source of fire, suffered serious burns on chest and back.

Police reports name the deceased as Mariam Zuberi Msemo, Salma Zuberi Msemo and Bisma Zuberi Msemo all children of the home owner, Zuberi Msemo who was rushed to the Mount Meru Regional hospital after the incident but also lost his life hours later.

There were eleven people in the house when the accident occurred and the others eight were badly injured, including Zuberi’s wife, Jasmin Khatibu Msuya and her young baby, Firdaus Zuberi.

Others who are admitted at the regional hospital include, Mariam Mussa Zerawanga, the mother of the late Zuberi Msemo; Musa Hassan Msemo the deceased brother, Mwanaidi Aldin Mussa, the deceased sister, Abdulkarim Ramadhan Mrindoko, the deceased nephew and one Esther, said to be the house servant.

A neighbor whose name will be kept anonymous, said she took the first child to Levolosi Hospital but the doctors and other medical staff at the facility refused to provide first aid treatment to the youngsters because they were not registered.

“I didn’t know the children’s names, so it wasn’t easy for me to register their names, but why couldn’t they just attend to them and save lives? Names aren’t important in such situations,” said the lady neighbor.

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