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Will Elon Musk succeed to penetrate Tanzania via Starlink?

Tesla front man, Elon Musk who has been flirting with the idea of rolling out Satellite-based Starlink Internet Services in Tanzania admits being stuck.

According to the Billionaire, behind the Space X initiative, the country government keeps him waiting on the bench.

Musk was responding to Mike Coudrey, the American entrepreneur and investor, who called upon the Tesla mogul to make Starlink available in Eastern Africa, specifically in Tanzania.

“So that people can have a higher access to information and build a better future,” writes Coudrey who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Tova brands and associated companies.

Elon Musk replied by saying he would have also loved to ensure that happens except the government of Tanzania is yet to approve the project.

Rwanda and Kenya, meanwhile are preparing to grab the Starlink opportunity, hoping that Space X will be refused to float in Tanzania.

Tanzania suffers slowest internet services in the region despite the data charges being too expensive.

After reading Musk’s response, Mike Coudrey wrote again that there were lobbyists and other parties who wouldn’t like Tanzania to have reliable digital communication services.

“Major internet and Phone service providers are doing all they can to hinder Starlink approval.” Coudrey maintains.

“Because it now means that consumers will switch to better services,” the Tova CEO pointed out.

The Tanzanian Minister of Information, Nape Nnauye admits having received the Starlink application on October 6, 2022.

Nape also affirms that a number of issues are also ‘pending!’

The Minister adds that Musk and Company must submit required ‘documents,’ to process the application according to what he described to be ‘the laws and procedures of this land.!’

The Ministry controls all digital communications through the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

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