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Disappointments over ‘Kilimanjaro Klassic’ Golf Sudden Cancellation

It seems to be quite a disappointment not to mention inconvenience, for the participants, who had already paid and registered for the Kilimanjaro Klassic Golf Tourney which was due to tee off in Arusha, next week, but is now cancelled.

Even worse, the mostly international sports men and women had even booked hotels, flights and safari itineraries because in the first place, the golfing event was meant to be part of sports tourism events, hatched last year.

Information regarding the sudden cancellation of the ‘Kilimanjaro Klassic,’ not only came suddenly, but it may take time before all registered participants get the message.

The event was organized by the International Sports Management (ISM) in association with the Tanzania Golf Union.

As far as getting refunds, it may get tricky for the majority.

“We have been informed today by the Promoter ISM and the Tanzania Golf Union, that the 2022 Mount Kilimanjaro Klassic due to take place next week in Tanzania has been canceled. At this late stage we are unable to replace the tournament.”

That is how the dispatch from the Southern Africa PGA Tour and Challenge Tour reads.

It was signed by Jamie Hodges, the Head of the Challenge Tour and Thomas Abt the Commissioner for Sunshine Tour.

The letter doesn’t end there either

“We are cognizant of the fact that you may have already incurred travel and accommodation costs for the tournament. We urge you to try and cancel these as soon as possible and recover your funds.”

“However, to help alleviate this, the Sunshine Tour and the Challenge Tour will provide a maximum R15 000 or US$1,000 contribution to each player and each caddie upon receipt of valid slips confirming the travel and accommodation costs incurred and which have not been refunded.”

The letter dated on April 1, 2022 directed all Sunshine Tour Members, to contact their membership department.

As for the Challenge Tour Members, they were requested to contact Justin Taylor via email which was billed at

The Mount Kilimanjaro Klassic in the season 2022 was to be staged in Arusha. The tournament would have teed off on Thursday, 7th of April and end on Sunday, 10th of April 2022.

The Mount Kilimanjaro Klassic is part of the Challenge Tour in the season 2022.

The Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate of Arusha was to host the tourney.

In 2022 all players were supposed to be competing for a total prize money of USD 275,000. The course for the tournament at plays at Par.

Last year, the former Tanzanian Minister for tourism Damas Ndumbaro during a regional golfing event, launched special sports tourism package which was to kick off with series of golf tourneys.

Effective from the 1st of April, 2022 the Minister moved to the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ministry.

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