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Denmark picks 20 young footballers from Tanzania

A special team of Sports Talents searching scouts from Denmark have recruited 20 young soccer players from Tanzania.

The Sports Scouts from the Young Boys Academy of Denmark jetted into the country this July 2023 to observe and select young talents for full sponsored scholarships for training abroad.

They have been working with the Future Stars Academy of Arusha in identifying the talented Young Tanzanian soccer players from all over the nation.

The exercise held in Arusha attracted more than 80 candidates, mostly school children aged between 11 and 12 years attending primary four and five, from Arusha, Dodoma, Kilimanjaro and Dar-es-salaam.

The Talent Showcase was held at the Arusha Campus of the United World College (UWC) East Africa.

From the initial 80, the first batch of selected youth came up with 20 young potential footballers.

The second selection comes up in September 2023 while the final filtering exercise is expected to take place later in December, during the forthcoming annual East African Soccer tourney the ‘Chipkiz Cup 2023,’ to be held in Arusha.

“The sports recruitment runs under the theme of ‘In cooperating Sports and Education,” explained the Director of Future Stars Alfred Itaeli.

Selected youth will fly to Denmark where they will be fully sponsored into English Medium Schools overseas.

Their scholarship packages cover education that is school fees, boarding and hostel as well as training sessions in sports.

They will be taken for incubation in what is termed as 10,000 hours to build a young player.

“Denmark wants to invest heavily in the future of sporting activities and now they are selecting promising youth to be built into reliable footballers,” said Alfred Itaeli.

Aziz Mohammed is one of the parents whose children had passed the initial selection.

“My son, Khalid is from Dar-es-salaam who travelled all the way to Arusha to participate in the talent show, he loves football and will excel well in the sports,” stated Mohammed.

One of the chosen pupils, Christian Emmanuel from Kisongo said he is sure his long reigned dreams of flying abroad to be a professional footballer are now being realized.

It is expected that between 16 and 20 young football players from Tanzania will be recruited during the final selection.

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