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Congolese singer, General Defao dies in Cameroon, ahead of his New Year Show

General Defao, the Congolese singer who has been steeped in controversy for over a decade, is reported dead in Cameroon.

The ‘Sala Noki’ singer passed away in Douala Cameroon, where he was scheduled to perform in the eve of New Year 2022.

News of General Defao’s demise was broadcasted in the early hours of 28th of December 2021, by the La Radio-Télévision Nationale Congolaise (RTNC).

RTNC is the national broadcaster of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a government controlled station.

Defao, coincidentally died just as he was also about to celebrate his birthday, next Friday.

Born as Lulendo Matumona the singer and composer. General Defao was born on 31 December 1958. He was left with only three days before celebrating his 63rd Birthday.

Defao had established himself as one of the best in the Congo music industry, due to his ability to sing songs in the native Congo language as well as English.

General Defao popularised the ‘ndombolo’ style together with Koffi Olomide.

He was a popular musician in East Africa, but especially Kenya where he spent plenty of his time in Nairobi during a period of self-exile.

The last time Defao performed in Tanzania was more than two decades ago, during the country tour with Mbilia Bel, the Congolese diva, formerly of Tabuley’s L’Afrisa International fame.

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