Chinese Man Arrested for attacking and Injuring Tanzanian Lady

A Chinese National employed to work at the Standard Gauge Railways Project, has assaulted a Tanzanian Lady who is a cook at the Fela SGR site in Mwanza, wounding her badly.

The incident occurred in the kitchen where the lady usually works to prepare camp meals for the personnel working at the Mwanza SGR Construction Location.

Two Chinese companies, the China Civil Engineering Construction (CCEC) and China Railway Construction Company (CRCC), are undertaking the Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) Construction Project in Tanzania.

The Tanzania Railways Corporation has confirmed the incident, reporting that the Chinese Man, Zheng Yuan Feng was arrested in connection with his attack on the Lady Cook known as Lucy Paulo.

According to the TRC statement, signed by the company spokesperson, Jamilla Mbarouk, the suspect was initially locked up at the Mwanza Railways Police Post.

He was later transferred to the Misungwi District Police Station where the case was filed.

The Tanzania Railways Corporation says the Chinese worker has already been arraigned in court to answer the assault and causing bodily harm case number 44 of 2023.

Zheng Yuan Feng is still in custody pending the hearing of his case having failed to meet the conditions for his bail.

On the other hand, his Victim, Lucy Paulo had to be rushed to the Bugando Hospital in Mwanza City for treatment having been badly assaulted.

It is still now known how she is fairing so far, after the attack.

Other reports from witnesses at the SGR site, indicate that prior to attacking the lady; the Chinese worker also rained horrid insults at her.

Tanzanians working for the SGR Projects have been lamenting on various incidents of racism and discrimination in the hands of the alien Chinese workers and their supervisors at various sites.

The Tanzania Railways Management has thus issued directives to the Chinese Firms’ management to follow up on such complaints and take the necessary actions.