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Child, Babysitter Suffocate to death At Church in Dar es Salaam as Mother Prayed

The Mother was attending prayer sessions inside a charismatic evangelist church in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, as one of her two children remained outside locked in the Nissan Double Cabin pick-up truck with the house help.

By the time the lady got out of the sermon and checked inside her vehicle, she was shocked to discover that her little child together with the young maid who was attending her, fighting for breath.

Apparently they had locked themselves inside the car with all windows wound up.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Muliro J. Muliro stated that, Neema Shayo, a 33-year-old lady was a faithful member of the Ephata Ministry an Evangelical Church located in Kigamboni Islet, where she was praying on Monday afternoon.

According to Dar-es-salaam City Police Commander Muliro, the mother was also accompanied to the prayer event by her house servant, one Odilia Msamba, aged 18.

They took along the two children in the Nissan Double-Cab Truck with plate numbers, T-850 DWL, which remained parked outside the Church based at the Ungindoni section of Kigamboni area in Dar-es-salaam City.

One of the Children left the car to join the parents in the church but the other small girl was sick so she remained in the car parked on the driveway.

The limited oxygen in the tight car cabin, possibly with the current heat in the coastal city could have taken their toll on the little child and the maid who was taking care of her.

But again, as the Police Reports indicate, the youngest was Abia Joseph, aged 2 years happened to have been sick as well. Abia was on medication.

Apparently the housemaid had just given the baby a periodical dose of medicine a few moments earlier just as their mother continued with sermon at the altar.

The maid remained in the car, with the sick child, but being new to cars, somehow locked herself and the baby inside. Her attempts to seek help from members of the congregation attending prayers or sermon, proved futile.

So intense was the heat that the maid even stripped off.

When the prayer sessions were over, the Efatha church congregation went out of the building. The mother was shocked to discover that the child and the maid in the vehicle were sweating profusely and struggling to breath.

The innocent cherub and the maid died while being rushed to hospital.

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