Chief Justices Gather in Nairobi to Address effects of Climate Change

As effects of climate change continues to take toll on mankind, Judges from all over the world have gathered to in East Africa to find ways of addressing the global problem in their capacity.

More than 300 delegates including 27 chief justices from different countries around the world gathered in the Kenyan Capital of Nairobi for a special meeting to address the call on what is being described as ‘Greening the Judiciary!’

Greening the Judiciary essentially means strengthening the role of the judiciary in addressing global warming and effects of climate change.

The symposium which according to the delegates is the largest  across Africa ran under the theme of  the need for a collective address on climate matters among the executors of law and justice.

The legal practitioners and custodians of the laws tamed the current environmental concerns as an ongoing threat, in fact a time bomb which could wreak as much havoc as the COVID 19 did in recent years.

Justices from Tanzania included Professor Ibrahim Juma and Hon Khamis Abdallah from the Zanzibar Isles, both representing the country at the Greening the Judiciary symposium in Nairobi.

They commended Kenya on the efforts taken by the country so far regarding creating and implementing environmental laws.

The Kenyan Head of State, President William Samoei Ruto who graced the occasion challenged the judiciary to come up with a special recommendation summing up their discussions and agreements from the meeting as well as their plans for the future.

President Ruto however pointed out that among the barriers stifling efforts and hindering African countries from achieving the progress in their war on climate change are the international financial systems, that are supposed to remain free and fair despite some of them being harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, Tanzania Chief Justices Prof Ibrahim Juma says that Tanzania has policy and strategy papers in place for the Year 2021/26 that needs reengineering and restructuring in order to be incorporated into Tanzania Law