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Can People from China Get National Identity Cards in Tanzania?

Can People from China who live in Tanzania get issued with National Identity Cards like locals?

The National Identification Authority says it is possible as long as one applies to become Tanzanian.

That is because social media platforms in Tanzania have been going berserk with the circulation of a photo of a National Identity Card issued to a businessman from China.

Most Tanzanians complained of the fact that it is very difficult for an ordinary person to acquire the National Identity Card, even after completing all the necessary procedures.

The Tanzanian ID Card bears the name and photo of Zhu Jin Feng, a Chinese Man.

It was issued to him back in 2016 and set to expire in four years’ time, 2026.

A Meme in a Card….

Many Tanzanians have been expressing bitterness on how a foreigner from the far east can easily get the National ID while locals are still on the waiting list.

Others questioned how the National Identification Authority issued the said ID to a man from China.

But there are those who also concluded that the ID Card could have been photo-shopped.

But for more than a week now, the Chinese Man’s Identity Card has become a hilarious Meme, dubbed CHIZANIA.

In response to that, the National Identification Authority (NIDA) has just issued a statement for clarification.

To start with, the authority has admitted that the National ID issued to Zhu Jin Feng was genuine.

Secondly, NIDA asserts that the Chinese individual had applied for the same through legal processes.

According to the authority, Zhu Jin Feng was among the foreigners who previously applied for Tanzanian Citizenship and sailed through, thus qualifying for the country’s green card.

Zhu Jin Feng as it happens had applied for Tanzanian Citizenship over ten years ago in 2012 after being in the country since 2003, according to other sources close to the person.

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