Aircraft Pilot Dies of Heart Attack Upon Landing in Tabora

Breaking News:

Tanzania Pilot Falls Sick on Air, Lands safely in Tabora but Dies After Getting Heart Attack shortly after.

The Late Lohay

Stephen Lohay, the Captain behind the cockpit of Regional Air, got heart attack but bravely managed to land the aircraft in Tabora before passing away.

Lohay was also the Chairperson of Arusha Motor sports Club and until his untimely death was deep in preparation of a National Rally Championship event in the Region.

Previous reports from AMSC were to the effect that he was the Chief Pilot at the Air Excel carrier company As soon as the Tanzania Times received the news, we contacted Air Excel through their 24-Hour Emergency Duty Mobile: (+255)784 455 748 but there was no response.

Later we placed calls through the company’s other phones including Mobile Cell: (+255)739 102 546 | (+255)754 211 227 and Landlines: (+255)27 297 0249/50, all without success.

Other reports say he was actually the Chief Pilot of Regional Air making it all rather confusing.

And the Message from Arusha Motor sports Club simply read

“Members, we have got bad news, the Chief Pilot of Air Excel got heart attack just after landing in Tabora. They took him to Med Vac so that he could be airlifted to Dar-es-salaam for treatments but alas he passed away!”

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