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Boy Lost in Tsavo Wilderness for a week

For nearly seven days, a boy aged only 4 years was lost in the vast wilderness filled with all types of wild beasts, yet he somehow survived the ordeal.

The Kenyan boy has however been rescued after surviving six days and several hours in the Tsavo wilderness.

There was heavy storm in the dark evening when the child got lost in the wilderness after meandering into Tsavo.

Reports has that the boy had wandered several kilometers toward the Tsavo East National Park and got lost in the jungle.

The child is from the Asa people, a community located 52 kilometers east of the northern Tsavo East National Park, was found after six days of intense searching in the wilderness by both ground teams and a fixed-wing pilot.

He was eventually spotted from the sky by the helicopter pilot.

According to Roan Carr-Hartley, the pilot from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who spotted the boy from his chopper, the entire incident was nothing short of a miracle.

Hartley explained that all odds were against the child, who was alone in the vast wilderness packed with wild animals including lions and hyenas.

The boy’s father gifted the Pilot, Roan, with a goat for rescuing his son.

It is not known where he spent the night, in case he slept; what he ate and where he stayed during his meandering days.

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