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Arusha Pioneers 3D Printing in East Africa 2024

Tanzania is bracing to beat the other seven fellow East African Community Member States in pioneering the technology of ‘Three Dimension Printing,’ in 2024.

According to experts, 3D Printing technology is the digital trend which forms the basis of the latest industrial revolution globally.

Now, with major digital innovations expected to be realized in the course of the New Year 2024, the Arusha Science a technological High School located in Northern Tanzania is now spearheading the advent of ‘Three Dimension,’ printing in East Africa.

The school management says this a technology set to transform manufacturing and revolutionize constriction sectors.

“The future of technology lies in Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing,” explained the Director of Arusha Science High School, Professor Nuhu Hemed Hatibu who is an accomplished scientist and agricultural engineer.

The specialized 3D training and printing laboratory has just been established at the Arusha Science Campus located in the Oljoro Ward in the outskirts of the City with the facility set to pioneer the new additive form of manufacturing, construction and creating images into reality.

“Three-Dimension Printing will take over the tasks of manually erecting structures or physically constructing panels, parts and even organs,” pointed out Prof Hatibu.

He added that young people taking science and engineering subjects need to focus on the new 3D technology.

According to the don, 3D will also solve most of the current problems in the country; need a new house? Simply design the building and print the entire building.

“At the moment we have installed small 3D printers for education purposes, however in future the students themselves will be able to put together larger printers that can actually produce giant structures such as buildings, vehicle panels and shells, furniture and other objects,” explained the scientist.

The project is being undertaken with support from technological experts from leading California-based innovation firms in the United States of America.

Theja Bathula is one such expert from the U.S, who admits that the future is all about Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing.

“It means anything that a human mind can imagine can be produced at a press of the button,” explained Bathula. Asked whether people will now be able to order food online and download it through 3D printing, the scientist said it may not be possible now but it will be in the near future.

Arusha Science High School, on the other hand, is the only institution in the country which has successfully built a solar powered vehicle right from scratch and the students are already working on a second prototype.

Speaking of cars, Tanzanians will no longer have to worry about importing different varieties of motor vehicles for fear of unavailable spare parts, because with the new additive technology; all car parts, including body panels can be produced, albeit cheaply, using 3D printing.

When it comes to technology Arusha seems to be always at the forefront.

The city was the first to start offering free email services in 1997.

Previously in 1996 The Arusha Times became the first newspaper in East Africa to go online, being hosted by Node Marie (Habari Node) of Arusha, which again was the first Internet Provider in Tanzania.

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