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Arusha Meru Talent Hunt 2024: Students stand to pocket 125 million/- in education scholarships

More than 1000 pupils and students from all over Tanzania are participating in the second youth talent hunt scholarship test which climaxes on Saturday, June 22 in Arusha.

The event is organized by the Arusha Meru International School whose management plans to splash 125 million/- in form of education scholarships as well as 100 percent waivers in the school fees of winning candidates.

Dr Zeeshan Ahmed Khan

Dr Zeeshan Ahmed Khan is the Chief Executive Officer of Arusha Meru International School who explained here that, through the scholarships, pupils and students will be able to access quality education while their parents get relief when it comes to paying fees.

The Talent Hunt Scholarship Test 2024 is described to be a prestigious event aimed to identify and nurture talented students across Tanzania, offering them an unparalleled opportunity to receive world-class education at the Arusha International School (AMIS).

The event takes place at the school’s campus on Sikh Union Road in the Central Business District of Arusha.

According to Mustapha Omar Nassoro the Deputy School Principal, this year’s Talent Hunt Scholarship Test will disburse scholarships worth a total of 125 million Tanzanian Shillings.

“Many Tanzanians want to access international education such as Cambridge, but most cannot afford, therefore Arusha Meru is rolling out this opportunity to the talented Tanzanian youths,” said the Deputy Principal.

Jay Chiganga is a student of Arusha Meru who participated in the previous Talent Hunt and managed to win a scholarship which footed 75 percent of his school fees and he was participating again this year intending to get 100 percent school fees award.

“This will relieve my parents from having to pay fees as I plan to study medicine in future,” said Chiganga.

Established in 1964 and marking its 60 years of educational operations, the Arusha Meru International School, is Managed by the Registered Trustees of the Arusha Educational and Cultural Society.

AMIS offers an integrated syllabus involving the Tanzanian National Curriculum under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and the Revised British Curriculum.

This innovative approach laid the groundwork for a complete transition to the Cambridge International Curriculum and now AMIS provides a globally recognized Cambridge education from Pre-Primary to Year 13, preparing students for the challenges of the modern world.

The primary objectives of the Talent Hunt Scholarship Test are skill Assessments to provide students with a platform to showcase their abilities and identify areas of strength and improvement.

There is also the issue of Academic Growth to encourage students to strive for excellence and benchmark their capabilities against their peers and holistic Development to foster qualities such as confidence, resilience, and a competitive spirit, which are crucial for personal and academic success.

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