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Arusha Man drinks poison over marital conflicts then staggers to die at Police Station

In a rather strange incident, a middle-aged man in Arusha poisoned himself before taking a stroll towards the nearby police station with the intention of dying there.

His death mission however was extended as he was rushed to hospital for treatment but ended up dying there instead.

The 48-year-old Gamaliel Elirehema Munisi, an artisan Miner, is suspected to have previously had a fight with his wife at home then he angrily decided to commit suicide by consuming some unknown toxicants.

The Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Justine Masejo who is the Arusha Regional Police Commander confirmed the incident and explained that, the deceased was seen staggering near the Muriet Police Station and immediately after walking past the gates towards the building he collapsed.

“There were some people at the station when he fell down,” said the Police Commander, adding that there was a lady who rushed to the victim’s rescue and found him vomiting profusely.

Munisi, popularly known as ‘Chinga,’ was then rushed to Hospital for medical attention but he died a few hours later while undergoing treatments.

Apparently, when he left home, Munisi wrote a suicide note to his wife, threatening that if their regular conflicts continue, then he may be compelled to take his own life and leave her alone.

Commenting on the issue, the Ten-Cell Leader for Murieti Hamlet, Yahaya Khalfani said the deceased had threatened his wife with a weapon and that the lady went to report the matter to the gender-desk at a local police post.

According to Khalfani, the local police summoned the deceased and they were investigating his wife’s weapon threats claims against him.

The Chairperson of Murieti area Veronica Simon Guta admitted that the reports reaching her indicate that Munisi did drop down at the Murieti Police station before being rushed to hospital.

“But I am not sure if indeed there was a quarrel between him and his wife,” she added, but as she is concerned they did not report at the Ward’s office.

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