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Leopard in Arusha Tiger in Johannesburg: When Two Cities switched on Fright Mode

In January 2023, a free roaming tiger caused havoc in parts of Johannesburg, South Africa.

It was eventually shot dead by rangers.

The incident brought back memories of a similar creature which was seen cruising around Arusha City, in Northern Tanzania, seven months earlier, in July 2022.

The wild Creature, which uncannily resembles a leopard was making scene in the outskirts of Arusha City much to the fright of local residents.

The ‘Leopard,’ was spotted in Matevesi Division of Arusha, in the outskirts of the City, but the location is where the Arusha Airport is located.

Residents in the area were compelled to contact wildlife authorities because majority remained behind locked doors in fear.

Specifically, the animal was seen first at Oltevesi areas in Olmoti Ward of Arusha, but it’s the radius of its wandering range was later calculated to be within a scope of two to three kilometres from the original spot of sighting.

Now that raised alarm.

Matevesi and Kisongo areas are where various International Schools are located, including Braeburn International, the United World College East Africa (UWCEA) and Saint Constantine International School.

A lady prison warden who was riding a motorcycle going home, reportedly came face to face with the panther and together with her driver they fell off the bike, taking onto their heels, deserting the vehicle.

The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) has dispatched a team of officers, led by Deputy Inspector, Andrew Kishe to the scene on Thursday Morning.

The TAWA officers combing the area for the traces of the alleged Leopard in Arusha

It seems from the traces; the Wildlife Authority believes that indeed such a creature could be roaming the City Suburbs’ landscape but were yet to be sure if it was indeed a leopard or any member of the Panther family

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