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Arusha Basketball teams bank heavily on the Diaspora support to win trophy in the Taifa Cup tourney

Arusha Regional Basketball teams for both men and women are in dire need of 17 million/- to foot the anticipated expenses of dispatching players to participate in the forthcoming Taifa Cup 2024 games in Dodoma.

For Starters, the Arusha Regional Basketball Association is organizing special fundraising activities to that effect, with a Harambee set to be held at Kiltex grounds in the outskirts of the city.

But the regional basketball body is also relying heavily on support from veteran basketballers especially former Arusha residents in the diaspora.

The National Taifa Cup Basketball competition takes place in the Dodoma Capital City from 19 to 29 June 2024, attracting various teams from all over mainland Tanzanian regions.

Apparently the Arusha teams are expecting to send a delegation of 30 personnel, among them 24 sports men and women and six officials, including the teams’ coaches.

Each of the two teams will comprise 12 players.

The Chairperson of Arusha Regional Basketball Association (ARBA), Chairperson Jacob Gibons explained that the budget to transport and sustain the men and women basketball teams in Dodoma City adds up to 17 million/-

“We have also taken the matter to the Regional Commissioner’s office, seeking assistance from the government,” said the ARBA official, adding they are also contacting local business entities and veteran basketball players to support the teams.

Barrick Kilimba, the Regional Basketball teams’ coach, said preparations for the sporting mission to Dodoma are ongoing under a special committee.

“We have been getting support from the Basketball veterans, who used to play the game in the past, some of whom are in the diaspora,” said the Basketball Coach.

According to Barrick Kilimba, all the best basketball players in Tanzania originate from Arusha and that the teams will record even better performances in Dodoma this year.

The coach pointed out that, Arusha already has international basketballers and at the moment, the region has women envoys playing the games in Rwanda.

“We are coming back with victory, this is official,” said Kilimba, explaining that Arusha is also sending the best players to represent the region to the Dodoma National event.

One of the women basketball team players, Aziza Musa said they are not only confident of winning, but also vow to produce the best players in the forthcoming Taifa Cup tourney.

“Our teams have always performed well in previous national basketball competitions and this year will be no exception,” she said, adding that this time they have reinforced their defence fortress.

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