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Ancient Persian Baths Revived in Zanzibar as Isles Restore Historical Buildings and Sites

Time to splash into Hamamnis, the old persian spas only availble in ancient buildings of Zanzibar.

The Persian baths are soon going to be revived for tourism purposes.

Zanzibar is embarking on projects to restore antique buildings in the stone town in the isles move to invest heavily in cultural and historical tourism.

The Chairperson of Zanzibar Commission of tourism Rahim Bhaloo said the Isles Government is in the process of creating a different form of tourism in the archipelago to make the Unguja and Pemba Islands stand out in the continent.

“We have entered into contract with private investors to restore and maintain ancient buildings in the old stone town of Zanzibar, without altering their former settings and charm,” Balo stated.

Speaking from the Zanzibar’s pavilion at the Kilifair Travel and Tourism Trade Fair in Arusha, Bhaloo quoted the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) recent report that the tourism industry in the Isles accounts for 30 percent of Zanzibar’s GDP.

Speaking from Zanzibar the Director of the Department of Museum and Antiquities Zanzibar in the Ministry Of Tourism and Heritage Maryan Hansab said a total of 14 such properties are undergoing restoration in the Isles.

“The Government has injected 7 billion/- towards the project which entails the restoration of 4 historical buildings, while ten other properties will be rehabilitated by the private sector entities,” she explained.

Some of the special sites that are being restored include ancient Persian Spa baths, ‘Hamamnis’,  the Palace Museum, the Mnazi Mmoja Natural History Museum, Peace Memorial and the Arts Museum.

Zanzibar will officially inaugurate two of the museums in August 2023. There is also the Kibweni Palace Museum which is located some 6 kilometers from the stone town.

Oman will restore the Beit Al Ajaib which is a historical monument found at the shores of the Old Stone Town of Unguja, in the Zanzibar Islands.

Known as the ‘House of Wonders,’ the legendary building suffered partial collapse of its walls in 2020.

The Zanzibar Government is now planning to restore the property back to its original form and shape.

The tender for the restoration work was awarded in the presence of Salem bin Muhammad Al Mahrouqi, the Oman Minister of Heritage and Tourism.

The Department of Museum and Antiquities of Zanzibar has realized revenue of 350 million/ by March 2023 which is 50 percent of the government’s target of collecting 700 million/- in the fiscal year 2022/2023.

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