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Nigeria Leads African Countries with Largest GDP, As Tanzania sticks at Number Eleven

Nigeria leads in Africa, as far as the latest GDP measurements on the continent is concerned. Tanzania ranks at Number 11, while Kenya leads in East Africa.

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Geoworld Magazine has released the latest list of countries with largest Gross Domestic Product in Africa in 2022.

Abbreviated as GDP, the Gross Domestic Product here is essentially the monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a specific time period by the respective countries.

Out of the 25 countries listed, Tanzania has managed to be in the Top-Twenty, but missing from the Top-ten by a slot, having taken the 11th position, in Africa, behind Angola.

Tanzania GDP, according to Geoworld, is measured at USD 74.54 billion, placing the country at Number 74 Globally.

Nigeria, with a GDP of USD 555.35 billion takes the First Position in Africa and 27th Globally.


Egypt Comes Second in Africa with a measured GDP of USD 438.35 billion, it takes the 33rd Position in the World.

The rather famous South Africa has a GDP of USD 435.21 billion and the country ranks at Number 3 in Africa, while taking the 34th Position Globally.

Algeria’s GDP stands at USD 168.20 billion on average and is at Number 4 in Africa while ranking 58th Globally.

Closing the Top-Five in Africa is Morocco, at Number 5 with a measured GDP of USD 132.65 billion and ranking at Number 60 in the World.

Kenya is the only country in East Africa which has managed to make it into Top-Ten in the African listing. Nairobi has a Gross Domestic Product of USD 116.64 billion, placing it on the 6th Position on the continent and Number 62 Globally.


This is the list of Top-15 African Countries Per their GDPs

07 Ethiopia $93.970 billion (66th Globally)

08 Ghana $82.018 billion (71st Globally)

09 Ivory Coast $75.075 billion (72nd Globally)

10 Angola $74.953 billion (73rd Globally)

11 Tanzania $74.536 billion (74th Globally)

12 D.R. Congo $59.246 billion (86th Globally)

13 Cameroon $48.29 billion (88th Globally)

14 Uganda $47.000 billion (90th Globally)

15 Tunisia $45.454 billion (91st Globally)

The other countries that have made it into the Top-25 are as follows

  • 16 Sudan $37.769 billion (99th Globally)
  • 17 Senegal $30.039 billion (101st Globally)
  • 18 Libya $29.202 billion (103rd Globally)
  • 19 Zimbabwe $27.806 billion (108th Globally)
  • 20 Zambia $23.967 billion (110th Globally)
  • 21 Burkina Faso $21.887 billion (113th Globally)
  • 22 Mali $21.261 billion (114th Globally)
  • 23 Benin $19.917 billion (117th Globally)
  • 24 Gabon $19.632 billion (119th Globally)
  • 25 Botswana $19.002 billion (120th Globally)
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