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Zambia’s Bus Company Starts New Route to Tanzania with Monstrous Machines

Fingers crossed as Royal Luxury, the Zambian Bus Company starts new Route to Dar-es-salaam with a ‘larger than life,’ coach

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Stretching to 15 meters long, the bus which the Zambian Transport Company, Royal Luxury dispatches to Dar-Es-salaam for maiden route to Tanzania is ‘extremely big’ to the country’s standards.

Tanzania, not used to large luxury coaches, has been plying small to mid-sized, shaky buses on the country’s national roads and now the Zambian company wants to change the game.

Royal Luxury of Lusaka, is confirming of commencement of its new Bus service between Kitwe, in the North Eastern Province of Zambia to Dar-es-salaam, the coastal commercial hub of Tanzania.

The Bus routes will take passengers via Kapiri-Mposhi, Mpika and then roll all the way to the Tunduma borderline.

The Company announcing new routes

From Tunduma the Royal Luxury Coach travels to Songwe and Mbeya Regions, then enter Iringa, connects to Morogoro and eventually docking at the Mbezi Luis terminal in Dar-es-salaam.

According to Bus World Africa, Royal Luxury outfits Irizar i6 and i7 coaches built onto Scania or Mercedes Benz chassis and the whole package extends to 15 meters long.

Royal Luxury Buses that usually ply between Zambia and South-Africa normally tie trailers behind for increased cargo room.

On the other hand, the standard length of Buses in Tanzania is 12 meters, though some stretches to 13 meters while others shrink to between 9 and 11 meters.

The buses will be either Scania or Mercedes Benz carrying Irizar bodies

A bus snaking to 15 meters and possibly also drag a cargo trailer behind should make heads turn in Tanzania.

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